My name is Károly Bakó, I live in Hungary (Tata) with my family and our dogs.

I bought my first dog - "Gréti", a bobtail bitch - in 1992. We loved her so much, she growed up together with our children. We lost her when she was 11 years old - we were very sad because she was a real family member.

After Gréti, we didn't think about having another dog for a long time. However there was born a Hungarian Vizsla litter in my friends' vizsla kennel. My wife's childhood dream was a Hungarian Vizsla...

I started to hunt with our vizsla male "Apród". He made me enjoy this lifestyle, and I thought that I could complete the usual and well-known hunting breeds in Hungary. I found the Spinone Italiano in a dog-book. I read and heard especially nice things about this Italian breed.

Fortunately in that period there was a Spinone Italiano kennel in Hungary (Emese Boros - Berboss).
My first Spinone bitch Berboss Cha-Cha-Cha "Luna" was born in this kennel, in the first litter.

She did not disappointed me as in reality - at shootings and every day life - I experienced the same good things that were written in the books. After this I started to think about trying to breed - if there is the possibility and demand on it - and familiarize the Spinone in Hungary.

I bought my second Italian Griffon - called Isidora Dal Podere Antico "Füge" - from our Dutch breeder friends (Dal Podere Antico kennel). She is a very promising puppy.


Bakó Károly